To Succeed in Sales You Need to Throw Out These Misconceptions

To succeed in sales, you have to be an extrovert and a natural at it. That’s straight-up nonsense!

  • Many sales professionals get into the profession because they’ve been told they’re a natural. And sometimes, aspiring salespeople think they’re not cut out for the job because they’re introverts. 
  • Both of these assumptions are myths, according to sales leader Kevin “KD” Dorsey, who says there’s nothing natural about selling, and that introverts are often better suited to a career in sales.
  • KD clears up other popular misconceptions about sales, including money as motivation, the need to be passionate about products, and relying on a company to propel you forward.

Introverts, unite! (Separately, and in your own home.) 

Has there ever been such a prescient, perfect slogan for 2020? After all, this is the year of the virtual convention, the Zoom happy hour, and the “bubble” NBA.

Throw out misconceptions if you want to succeed in sales

But when we think about high-achieving sales rockstars, we assume they’re naturally outgoing, outspoken, and super social.

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