Why ISC?

Important things to consider when evaluating your need for high performing Executive Recruiting Services

• What are the true costs of having a critical position remain open because you do not have access to talented professionals—those who can fill these important roles, and drive revenue to new heights?

• Even worse, what is the cumulative damage on the entire team when an incompetent employee is allowed to stay on, thereby bringing the entire team’s production, company morale, and work ethics down to their level?


Evaluating Executive Recruiting Services:

• Will you have a dedicated recruiting team assigned to your important openings?
• What is the experience let and tenure of the Recruiting Firms you are evaluating?
• How many recruiters will you be dealing with to fill multiple roles?

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International Search Consultants has been a respected Executive Search firm since 1999. Our team consists of an accomplished group of highly skilled Executive Recruiters, specializing in identifying exceptional professionals for companies with critical positions to fill.

With a team of 15 experienced recruiters, we do extensive work across the United States as well as on a global basis. We are headquartered in Austin, TX, with branch offices across the US, as well as in Bogota, Colombia.

ISC can handle ALL of your recruiting needs, including Private and Public Sectors.

We establish ONE point of contact and assign MULTIPLE executive search teams to your project

ISC maintains a comprehensive database of peak performers within our primary areas of focus, and we are continually adding to that pool of candidates. We do this by employing cutting edge technology in order to strategically target very specific skill sets.

This allows us to deliver extremely high caliber candidates to our client’s interview table. We combine technical expertise with operational talent to offer you the ‘cream- of- the- crop’ – individuals who aren’t merely talented and experienced, but also the perfect cultural fit for your unique business environment.


ISC provides recruiting services for 5 primary areas of focus:

FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRMS (including Banking and Wealth Management)

Paints, Chemicals & Coatings
Medical Equipment
Food & Beverage



What Makes Our Search Services Different?

Contrary to popular opinion, finding “the one” isn’t as easy as simply identifying the best resume, or searching for relevant work experience. Our Executive Search Consultants strategically target top performers – who often times are from a company’s direct competitors – evaluating those candidates defined skill sets, as well as their ‘soft skills’. We look for characteristics that dictate if someone is a charismatic sales superstar or more of an analytical implementer, deciphering if they thrive in an entrepreneurial environment or gravitate towards more of a regimented, disciplined work structure.

With high retention rates and our 3-to-1 presentation-to-hire success rate, we deliver quick and efficient solutions to companies on a nationwide basis. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies that are looking to top -grade their existing teams – as well as those that wish to acquire professionals for key positions within their organizations – ISC serves them all.

Our talented team of Executive Recruiters understands that making a rewarding long-term match entails learning about a company’s corporate culture, the current team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the mandatory skills and experience required to ensure success in a role. We then start matching those against qualified candidates who have the background, skill set, relationships, and goals that complement the hiring company.

ISC is passionate about identifying opportunities for all potential candidates, including a special focus on finding a wide array of diversity candidates for our clients’ positions. Our team of seasoned recruiters are experts at EEOC recruiting protocols.

We are proud that many of our recruiters are Certified Diversity Recruiting Experts.

At ISC, we take pride in using the latest high-tech recruiting tools. By targeting specific candidate profiles that fit your requirements, we deliver the most qualified people to your interview table.

Many organizations lack the resources to identify potential superstars—and equally as bad—invite candidates onto their teams who may talk a good game, but lack the intrinsic motivators that ultimately determine if they will perish or thrive in a company’s unique corporate culture and existing team environment.

ISC Excels at High Volume Recruitment

If you have high volume executive recruiting needs, you have come to the right place.

ISC conducts searches on both a Retained, as well as a Contingency basis, depending on our client’s needs.

When a company has high volume hiring needs, they typically utilize multiple executive recruiting agencies.  This results in large candidate tracking responsibilities for the company.

Not only is this a considerable time investment, but having multiple recruiting agencies all tasked with providing candidates to a search puts the company in line to potentially owe multiple search fees.

In addition, there is the repetition involved in reviewing job profiles and hiring protocols multiple times, with each different agency.

It is also extremely difficult to control the messaging when you have more than one search firm reaching out to a targeted candidate profile, all representing your company.

Because of our unique business model which emphasizes a team effort, we are experts at simultaneously filling multiple positions on a national and international level.

In fact, we consistently hear from our clients that one of the things that they love about working with ISC is that we can truly handle any and ALL of their critical fill hiring needs.


Our Areas of Focus

We have dynamic teams of driven, industry-focused Executive Recruiters.  These experienced Executive Search Professionals are highly skilled at sourcing exemplary Executive Talent within various industries.

Each ISC Team Leader takes the time to review job profiles and hiring protocols in-depth so that your time is not wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates.


Recruiting Financial Services Talent

International Search Consultants has been a leading executive search firm, defined by working with the finest Financial Executives nationwide, since 1999.

Our dedicated Finance Recruiting Team will deliver strong candidates to your interview table, for your critical positions.

In addition to recruiting Financial Executives across a variety of industries, ISC has an industry specialization within the Financial Services arena and partners with leading RIA’s, Banks, Asset Managers, Family & Multi-Family Offices, Private Equity Firms, and Broker Dealers.


ISC locates Top Talent for your most critical positions, in the Financial Services sector:

• Commercial Banking
• Commercial Relationship Manager
• Chief Compliance Officer
• Compliance Analyst
• COO/Director of Operations
• Portfolio Administration
• Trust / Estates
• Performance Analytics
• Client Services
• Investor Relations
• Financial Planning
• Research


Recruiting Construction / Real Estate Acquisition and Land Development Executives

International Search Consultants has been providing highly qualified candidates within the Construction, and Real Estate Acquisition & Land Development space since 1999.

With our comprehensive, industry specific database, to our tenured team of seasoned Executive Recruiters that focus exclusively on filling Construction / Real Estate Acquisition & Land Development positions, we are second to none when it comes to delivering ‘the best of the best’, leading, top-performing Construction and Real Estate Acquisition & Land Development professionals to our clients.


We continually fill these roles nationwide:

• President/CEO
• VP of Acquisition
• VP of Land Acquisition & Development
• VP Development Manager
• VP of Construction
• VP of Land Development
• Director of Acquisition
• Director of Land Development
• Director of Development
• Director of Engineering
• Project Manager
• Production Manager
• Manager of Land Development
• Manager of Acquisition


Recruiting Top Performing Sales Executives

The search for high performing Sales Professionals is always very competitive.

Within our Sales division, we have strong industry focus on the following areas: Paints, Chemicals & Coatings, Software, Medical Equipment, and Food & Beverage.


ISC locates the best Sales Professionals for your most critical hiring needs, including the following:

• Executive VP of Sales
• Senior VP of Sales
• VP of Sales
• Sales Director
• Sales Manager
• Regional Sales Managers
• National Account Managers
• Major Account Managers
• Key Account Managers


Recruiting Top Semiconductor Professionals

Our dedicated Semiconductor Recruiters bring extensive experience in this rapidly -evolving industry, with an understanding that all departments play a critical role in a company’s overall success.


We continually fill these roles in the Semiconductor industry:

• C-level
• Engineers
• Sales/Business Development
• Operations
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Project Managers
• Product Managers
• Marketing
• Technical Support


Recruiting Top Human Resources Talent

Amidst the demands of boosting brand awareness, generating revenue, and investing in new and innovative marketing plans, many companies tend to overlook the role of Human Resources and its centrality to their success.


ISC locates Top Talent for your most critical Human Resources positions, including the following:

• Chief HR Officer
• Direct of Talent Acquisition
• Director of HR
• Executive Recruiter
• HR Coordinator
• HR Generalist
• Human Resources Manager
• Recruiting Director
• Talent Acquisition Coordinator
• Talent Management Specialist
• VP of Diversity
• VP of Human Resources


Recruiting Executive Health Care Leadership

Our Healthcare Executive Search Team strives to provide the best candidates for your executive healthcare hiring needs.


ISC locates the most qualified professionals for your most critical Healthcare Leadership positions, including the following:

• Chief Medical Officer
• Medical Director
• Chief Nursing Executive
• VP of Healthcare Services
• VP of Hospital Administration
• VP of Human Resources


Recruiting Higher Education Professionals

Our Higher Education Recruiters have years of experience finding the best talent for your search committee to interview.


ISC locates Top Talent for your most critical Higher Education positions , including the following:

• Chancellor
• Campus President
• Executive VP / Vice Chancellor
• Chief Academic Affairs Officer / Provost
• Chief Business Officer
• Chief Athletics Administrator
• Chief Audit Officer


The majority of our FINANCE and SALES recruiting efforts are focused on the following industries:

• BioTech
• Construction Project Management
• Financial Services
• Fund Raising
• Information Technology
• K-12 and Adult Learning
• Life Sciences
• Medical Device
• Mining and Mineral Exploration
• Oil & Gas
• Petrochemical
• Polymers
• Real Estate
• Solar Energy
• Telecommunications
• Tools / Software
• Water & Wastewater Treatment

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