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International Search Consultants (ISC) is a Texas-based executive search firm and has been a leader in offering recruiting services since 1999. Over that time, we have seen individuals who are not well suited for an executive position bring down the quality of entire branches of a business. At a private level, this is quite damaging, but at a public level, this is absolutely catastrophic.

Understanding how critically important it is to make good matches for key roles in the public sector, ISC dedicates members of our team to finding the best executive-level employees for all types of public sector positions.

Our team is able to do this through our proven hiring tactics that begin with the initial in-take or strategy call, when we assess your organization’s particular needs and requirements. We then look closely at all potential candidates to determine which ones most closely match your requirements, and who have the highest chance of being able to add significant value to your organization without requiring significant ramp up time. Our in-depth knowledge of the public sector space allows us to maintain close partnerships with various executive candidates. We take great pride in pairing our clients with the perfect public sector executive talent,  for their particular needs.

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Executive Search Methodology

Identifying the perfect candidate for your current hiring needs starts with a strategy session with your hiring managers and our team of Public Sector Recruiters.

ISCs team of Public Sector Recruiters will strive to make a match with regards to skill set, experience, and your team culture.  With over 20 years of experience, we have found that it is equally important to match skills sets as well as work environments,  in order to make the best long-term match possible.

We invite you to contact International Search Consultants for all your public sector recruiting searches.