Construction Recruiting

Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. From airways and highways to schools, hospitals and sports arenas, the possibilities are endless.

As the world gears toward adopting modern,
yet eco-friendly structures, smart construction firms seek the help of construction recruiters  with a strong industry focus  to deliver qualified construction leadership candidates capable of managing  small and large-scale projects from inception to fruition.

The construction industry is one of one of the most challenging—and rewarding—ones to work in. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 790,000  additional jobs in the construction industry expected to emerge by 2040, in the US alone. These jobs include openings for skilled laborers, project managers, civil and structural engineers, and safety managers as well as construction managers.

Due to the complexity of the projects undertaken within the industry, there is a growing need for individuals that possess the right technical knowledge as well as the management skills required to bring projects successfully to completion.

The Changing Dynamics of Construction


There is a cogent and acute focus on sustainable development in the construction industry. Moreover, as the scarcity of materials grows, the industry will be forced to devise creative ways of using recycled materials for construction.

Along with that, there is a growing need for individuals who can adapt to computerized and automated construction and designing processes as the world becomes more and more digitized.

This opens up avenues not only for traditional openings in the construction industry, such as that of construction managers and engineers. It also draws opportunities for IT, supply chain and business development experts that have expertise specifically within the construction industry.

For example, the use of augmented reality brings life to construction projects and allows stakeholders and clients to view how the design will turn out upon completion of the project. Software solutions and the application of digital tools allow project managers to observe the real-time progress of each project, making it the digital backbone of construction projects throughout the industry.

How Can ISC Help?


International Search Consultants (ISC) team of highly experienced construction recruiters help construction firms with critical fill hiring needs have the opportunity to interview talented and skilled construction leadership candidates for opportunities that build on their strengths. Having 20 years of experience in executive level construction recruiting, ISC has a long list of happy clientele to vouch for its exceptional construction recruiting services.

For construction companies with leadership openings, the recruiting process begins with a thorough analysis of the job requirements, the strengths of their current executive leadership team, and their corporate culture. By strategically identifying, screening and vetting skilled construction leadership candidates, ISC delivers strong construction management talent into construction firms that serve to supplement their growth and potencies.

ISC’s dedicated team of construction recruiters start each search by strategically developing metrics for your construction firms hiring needs that analyzes applicants for current as well as future openings. Your dedicated construction recruiting team will then customize the recruiting plan for identifying construction executives that attracts the crème of qualified and suitable candidates.

ISC team of highly skilled construction recruiters provide candidates for the following sectors within the construction industry:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Government Construction Projects
  • Healthcare Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Manufacturing Construction
  • Power and Energy (Renewable and Non-Renewable) Construction
  • Civil Construction Projects
  • Residential and High-Rise Construction

In addition to the above areas of focus, ISC’s construction recruiters offer recruitment services that include, but are not limited to, the following positions:

  • VP Construction and Project Management
  • Director of Construction
  • Director of Land Development
  • Construction Managers
  • Senior Construction Project Managers
  • Residential and High-Rise Construction Project Managers
  • Senior Architects
  • Directors for Structural and Mechanical Engineers
  • Chief Estimators for Heavy Civil Construction
  • Senior Civil Engineers
  • Plan Reviewers
  • HVAC Mechanical Project Managers
  • Metal Fabrication Designers
  • Safety Managers
  • Design and Construction Coordinators
  • Construction Site EMTs

To learn more about our construction recruitment process, request a search or check out current construction leadership vacancies at our online portal.

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