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When initiating a search, our first step is to have an in-take meeting with the client, including all decision makers that will be involved in the hiring process. We then determine all mandatory skill sets needed for the role. Utilizing some amazing technology as well as our database of industry leaders, we strategically create a list of all potential candidates. When the initial profile search does not yield a sufficient amount of candidates, we cast a wider net and offer lucrative referral fees.

ISC was launched in 1999, and after being in business for over 20 years now, we have learned that in order to make a successful long- term match, it is equally as important to match up company culture with a candidates preferences as it is to match up tangible skills and other key factors. We make a point to factor in soft as well as hard skill sets, and do our best to match up opportunities with individuals that are the best suited for long- term success in the role.

Why ISC? We sincerely believe that our search methodology and impressive history of success is second to no other recruiting agencies in the US.

After strategically creating a profile of our ideal candidate, our team of recruiters will start to reach out to all potential candidates. It is critical when approaching high- performing individuals to actively listen to what types of roles are most enticing to them, and what things they would place value on when considering a job change.

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ISC Guarantees:

• Outstanding customer service

• One point of contact for all recruiting needs

• The ability to deliver direct competitors’ top performers

• Qualified candidates in a timely manner for hard-to-fill positions

• Established relationships in many industries to source top candidates

Proven track record since 1999 as a leader in the Executive Search industry

ISC’s team of tenured recruiters take the time to build relationships and to learn specifically what roles a markets best candidates want to be notified about. We learn about their top priorities, pain points, identify their strengths, and determine their suitability for the search prior to releasing the name of the client. Only at the point that we believe we have a qualified candidate that has expressed in interest in hearing about an opportunity similar to the one that we are actively recruiting on, do we disclose company name. And only at that point do we go over the role in-depth, to better determine the potential strength of the match for both the client and the candidate.

Our formal candidate presentation style of often cited by clients as something that they really appreciate. We prepare detailed written recommendations and notes as well as a candidates full resume. We also provide insights into the motivations for a candidate to making a move, to help the hiring manager best prepare for the interview. We then help to coordinate interviews, acquire feedback from both the hiring manager as well as the candidates to learn of any concerns or hesitations on either side, and when requested will assist with negotiating the offer.

ISC’s team of recruiters prides ourselves on a 3:1 presentation to hire ratio, which is reflective of our commitment to provide our clients with highly qualified candidates. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we have earned over 70 recommendations on LinkedIn as of our 20th anniversary, with more coming in by the month. We work hard every single day to earn and maintain that top rank.