Diversity Recruiting

International Search Consultants knows that recruiting key employees from a range of backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints is instrumental in developing a complete workforce, fostering stakeholder communications, and improving productivity.


diversity tag cloud imageThat’s why we connect our client companies with the most diversely qualified candidates available.  As your Diversity Recruiting experts, ISC recruiting team leaders are Diversity Certified and conduct every search with strict adherence to Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines.

Why ISC? We sincerely believe that our search methodology and impressive history of success is second to no other recruiting agencies in the US.

The path to finding and recommending leaders for your organization begins with your Human Resources professionals meeting with our dedicated ISC recruiters  to assess not only the job requirements and your goals for the position, but also the skills, backgrounds, and approaches to problem solving your existing team members possess. Then, we work with you to formulate a recruiting strategy designed to attract candidates that will complement those characteristics, expand the company’s knowledge base, foster cultural understanding, and add perspective to the department.

Using this agreed-upon strategy, International Search Consultants’ recruiting professionals will comb our vast database of impeccably qualified candidates, including an extensive roster of both active job seekers and passive candidates from minority and other under-represented employment pools. We augment this pool with aggressive external recruiting, specially targeting media campaigns, and networking with organizations that cater to diverse audiences.

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ISC Guarantees:

• Outstanding customer service
• One point of contact for all recruiting needs
• The ability to deliver direct competitors’ top performers
• Qualified candidates in a timely manner for hard-to-fill positions
• Established relationships in many industries to source top candidates
• Proven track record since 1999 as a leader in the Executive Search industry


While our screening techniques have been finely tuned over decades in the business to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to diversity, only candidates who meet the stringent requirements set by you and your ISC recruiting expert will emerge from our interviewing and vetting process.

International Search Consultants not only can attract, evaluate, and recommend candidates from diverse backgrounds.  We also can help make your organization develop communications that “speak” to target recruiting audiences. We can ensure your offer of employment triggers minority candidates’ acceptance response by presenting your firm as inclusive, accepting, and a strong supporter of employees’ career aspirations.

Contact us, and ISC’s dedicated, experienced Diversity Recruiting Specialists can begin helping your company implement a comprehensive diversity recruiting program TODAY.