Chemical, Paint, and Coatings Sales Recruiters

With a new study forecasting U.S. paint and coatings sales to reach an estimated 1.4 billion in 2020, the demand for Professional Sales Leaders is at an all-time high.  Get in touch with International Search Consultants to find the right candidate to fulfill all your Paints, Coatings and Chemicals Sales Recruiting needs.

Why ISC? We sincerely believe that our search methodology and impressive history of success is second to no other recruiting agencies in the US.

At International Search Consultants, we place value on technical expertise as well as experience when selecting a paint or coatings sales executive for your business.

With extensive knowledge of protective, specialty, and decorative coatings, as well as our keen insight into the architectural paint market and manufacturing coatings market, our recruiters are equipped with the right tools to evaluate and present industry professionals for your staffing needs.

We have witnessed firsthand the ongoing recovery of the construction industry, and understand how dramatically it can impact the sales of architectural paint.  ISC provides nationwide and international recruitment for a myriad of businesses, offering technical sales managers, as well as chemical and coatings sales specialists with expertise in their respective fields.

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The following is a list of the most common sales positions we fill within the Chemicals, Paints, and Coatings industry across the United States:

• VP of Sales
• Sales Director Regional Sales Director
• Director of Chemicals Sales
• Director of Coatings Sales
• Director of Adhesive Sales
• Director of Oil/Gas Sales
• Paints/Coatings Sales Director
• Inside / Outside Sales

• Regional Sales Manager
• Account Manager
• Adhesives Sales
• Specialty Coatings Sales
• LNG/CNG Sales
• Business Development Manager
And more!

Our executive headhunters are dedicated to finding candidates with extensive knowledge and experience in paint and coatings sales—using our vast network of talents to only present the most qualified of the lot.

ISC understands the multitude of responsibilities that come with the position of a coatings sales specialist, which is why we select professionals who have credible experience and deep industry knowledge—conducting a thorough evaluation before sending them to your interview table.

Whether you need a paints/coatings sales director or an adhesive sales expert, you can count on our 20 years of recruiting top performing sales professionals within the Paints, Chemicals and Coatings industry to help you find the best person for your needs.