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Be it an Ivy League university or a community college, the demand for excellent staff is at an all-time high. With more and more academic institutes looking to add more value and credibility to their name and reputation, hiring qualified and exceptional staff is always a top priority.

International Search Consultants takes higher education recruitment very seriously, providing a wide array of institutions with quality staffing services. We take pride in our commitment to improve educational infrastructures on a nationwide basis with our focus on talent, experience and unparalleled professionalism. Our wide network of educational professionals has been growing exponentially since 1999. We take pride in consistently enhancing the higher education system with our efforts to provide excellent faculty, including research experts, state-certified teachers and professors, language instructors, heads of department, Campus Presidents and more.

International Search Consultants is driven by the ambition to provide quality education in every community, state and country. Higher education administrators today are faced with a litany of challenges and opportunities: Alternatives to the traditional educational experience; rising costs; new revenue models. The skills and personalities required to meet these demands are as varied as the colleges and universities that must negotiate them.

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While most higher education recruiting firms are concerned solely with finding candidates who possess the appropriate experience and the required credentials, International Search Consultants uses its array of resources to determine which of the eminently qualified leaders we identify will provide the best match for your institution’s mission, strengths, and mandates. We believe that by carefully considering the needs and motivations of both, the school and the candidate, we not only gain insight into how best to fill the current opening, but also work to facilitate executives’ and managers’ successful transition into positions where they can lead the institution into a new era of service to students, faculty, staff, donors, and the community.

Please keep in mind that in addition to Higher Education teams that focus exclusively on Campus President, Program Chair and Director of Library Services positions to name a few, we also have recruiters focusing on other types of positions, including Marketing, Fund Raising, Finance, etc., all with a strong focus on Higher Education.

In fact one of the things that we consistently hear from our clients is that they love the fact that with one call, we can truly handle ALL of their staffing needs!

We believe strongly that higher education facilities should build a dynamic learning environment that thrives on the merits, diversity and qualification of its staff. This means going through a long list of potential candidates that may or may not be suitable for your position. As a reputable talent acquisition agency, we are connected with a consortium of universities and talented professionals from the world of academia, waiting for the right opportunity to pursue.

We work closely with the school’s search committee to customize a search campaign designed to attract, evaluate, and prepare a roster of diverse candidates that meet and often times exceeds the job requirements and complements the organization’s values and perspective.

We continually fill these Higher Education roles on a nationwide, as well as a global basis:

• Chancellor
• Campus President
• Executive Vice President/Vice Chancellor
• Chief Academic Affairs Officer/Provost
• Chief Business Officer
• Chief Athletics Administrator
• Chief Audit Officer
• Chief Development/Advancement Officer

• Dean of Pharmacy
• Dean of Public Administration
• Dean of Public Health
• Dean of Social Sciences
• Dean of Social Work
• Dean of Special Programs
• Dean of Undergraduate Programs
• Dean of Veterinary Medicine