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International Search Consultants (ISC) is a Texas based executive search firm, and has been a leader in offering energy recruiting services since 1999. Our team of experienced energy recruiting experts take pride in delivering talent from a wide pool of exceptional candidates with a strong history of success within the energy industry that have been evaluated, tested and vetted to suit the needs of your particular organization.

Our team of dedicated energy recruiting specialists begin by assessing the needs and requirements of your organization and matching candidates that add value with little or no ramp up time. With in-depth knowledge of the latest energy market trends, we have developed strategic partnerships – generating an extensive candidate pool of energy talent ready to join your team!

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According to a U.S. Energy and Employment Report, more than 6.4 million Americans are employed in the energy sector. As of September 2018, the US is on its way to surpass the biggest oil producing countries in the world, which include Russia and Saudi Arabia. As oil production is expected to increase further, indications show an anticipated need for 350,000 additional jobs in the energy sector. The renewable sector comes close behind, with the potential to employ over 156,000 supplemental people in various occupations across the renewable energy sector.

The oil and gas landscape is constantly evolving in all facets of the business – upstream, midstream and downstream. This ever-present change drives the need for the right talent to help organizations manage the transformation and continuously be on the forefront of innovation and profitability.

However, as the energy sector grows, it’s also undergoing major changes in terms of technological changes, environmental regulations as well as safety concerns.

This brings a knowledge gap within the workforce in the energy sector as Baby Boomers retire and the landscape of hiring trends in the energy industry experience a change. Today, there is an increased need for skilled technicians and professionals that can resolve the challenges of the revolutionized dynamic within the industry.


Making the Change

For the energy industry, now and in the future, success lies in meeting the rapidly increasing demands of identifying highly qualified and dynamic candidates. This requires the ability to attract and retain high performing candidates in both the renewable as well as the non-renewable sectors.

To gain a competitive advantage over the changing landscape and the dynamics of the oil & gas industry, energy companies need to partner with recruiting agencies that offer specifically energy recruiting services that can correctly identify talent that possess both the technical abilities as well as the soft skills required for driving organizations toward success.

ISC’s energy recruiting services include, but are not limited to, recruitment in the following fields:

• Business Development
• Drilling and Completions
• Director/Team Leads
• Project Management (PMP Certified)
• Geosciences/Geology
• Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE)
• Operations and Production

• Land Management
• Quality Assurance
• Refining
• Renewables (i.e. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, BioFuels)
• Reservoir Engineering and Development
• Software Engineering and Development
• Supply Chain