5 Tips for Recruiting Great Gen Z Student Talent

Gen Z is growing up fast, and the oldest members of this generation have already begun to explore their careers and land jobs in every field. These workers have grown up working with technology and have valuable skills to offer employers. But how do you recruit the best Gen Z talent?

It’s easy to find candidates for most jobs right now. But if you’re looking for the best young talent, you’ll have to step up your hiring practices and show Gen Z talent why they should bring their skills and insights to your organization over your competitors. Here are 5 tips for recruiting up-and-coming talent.

Already Have Gen Z Employees? Use Them In Interviews! 

If you’ve already managed to recruit some great young talent, use that to your advantage. To attract the best Gen Z talent, you need to understand what their wants and needs are in the workplace. But don’t just talk to your existing young workers about how to bring on more Gen Z talent—actually bring them into interviews!

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