One Bad Apple Lowers Team Performance Up to 40%

Research shows that teams with just one deadbeat, downer, or general jerk suffer a performance disadvantage of 30% to 40 % percent compared to teams that have no bad apples.

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I was recently doing a spin class, and we had a new girl. She was so sluggish, it would have been easy to think she was asleep, if not for her occasional moaning and loud sighing. 


It was amazing how much that negative energy seemed to effect the class as a whole.


The exact thing happens when you have  a low performing member of your team at work, and they are allowed to stay. 


I have recently read some fascinating research, that shows that having just one low performing employee can take the rest of the team’s production down by up to 40%. 


We also just published a survey that showed that the primary reason leave their current position is due to having a bad boss.


The ramifications of having a ‘bad apple’ are immense and the ripple effect is significant.


If you are in business to be the best that you can be, there is no valid  reason not to take stock of your current team immediately,  and make a proactive decision to upgrade your team. 


Call International Search Consultants today, and let us help you replace your ‘bad apples’ with superstars. 


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