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Providing Executive Recruiting services since 1999, we consistently hear the same concerns, regardless of industry, from coast to coast.

Do these issues sound familiar to you?

  • You hear about the #1 producer from a competitor changing firms and you wish you’d known they were open to changing positions for the right opportunity.
  • The deadline for filling a critical role is looming and you have no decent candidates to interview.
  •  The colossal cost of keeping an under-performing or negative person in a visible role, because you have trouble replacing them.
  • Your firm is enjoying unprecedented growth and while you have the funding to hire, you are not seeing enough A+ candidates to fill your most pressing openings.    

The good news is, by partnering with a high level Executive Search firm, you can alleviate virtually all of these issues. By investing in an on-going relationship with experienced executive recruiters whose sole focus is to reach out to high performers within your specific industry and build relationships with key players, you can have a consistent source of qualified candidates for any critical fill positions you may have.

ISC has teams of experienced headhunters that focus on 5 specific industries:

Financial Services Executive Recruiters. Our Finance Headhunters partner with Private Wealth and Institutional Clients.

Sales Recruiters. We have Sales Headhunters  that focus on 4 primary industries; Software Sales Recruiters, Food & Beverage Sales Headhunters, Medical Device/Equipment Sales Search Consultants, & Paints & Coatings Sales Recruiters.

Construction Recruiters and Real Estate Executive Search Consultants. Please note that we do not work with Real Estate Agents or Property Managers, strictly focusing on Executive Level Construction and Real Estate professionals.

Healthcare Recruiters, (non-clinical). ISC has a strong history of success in identifying and delivering highly qualified senior management professionals to Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities across the US.

Human Resources Recruiters/ HR Headhunters. We proudly place Director Level and above HR professionals across the US.

Many of our Clients have internal recruiting teams, and choose to supplement their efforts by utilizing our services because we are able to present Candidates from your Direct Competitors, that your internal recruiting teams may not necessarily have access to. We pride ourselves at working well with internal teams, and forging partnerships with the ultimate goal of bringing the very best Candidates to our Clients attention.

ISC heavily invests in some amazing technology that allows us to very strategically target specific types of Candidates with the specific skill sets and existing relationships that our Clients desire, delivering exceptional Candidates to our Clients Interview Table.