Why Your Initiative Never Made It Past the Starting Gate

Most sales effectiveness initiatives don’t take hold. At least not in the way originally planned. In the beginning, people appear to walk the talk. Sales ops integrates elements into systems and reporting. Leaders and the field pick up the new terminology and process language. After all, who doesn’t like a new buzz word or two? 

But soon, the tyranny of the urgent, all too common in sales organizations, takes hold. Before long, only a fraction of the field is executing the new approach. The early adopters might end up using one element of the program, and then, just part of the time. There’s a reason why ‘flavor of the month’ is such a commonly used phrase.

To make meaningful change in an organization, any initiative must become part of the culture. This means real behavior change and adoption at all levels of the organization. It all begins with executive leadership (the topic of my forthcoming blog). But front-line sales management is where your initiative lives or dies.

No matter the amount of training, tools, and technology, leadership and coaching are the keys to success. For adoption to take hold, front-line managers must be equipped to do three things:

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There are 3 very specific things that you can implement to maximize sales training  effectiveness.   


Can you guess what they are?