8 Sneaky Sales Techniques to Try in Your Next Job Interview

When you think about it, closing a sales deal and scoring a job offer really aren’t that different from one another.


In both cases, you have to identify the right contacts, thoughtfully reach out to them and convince them that you, above all others, are the right person to help them solve their problems. The only difference is, while salespeople pitch prospects on a product or service, job seekers are pitching prospective companies on themselves as a candidate.


Read on to learn 8 sales techniques that can and should be applied to your job search. 

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Theoretically, compared to engineers, accountants, etc., sales people should do the best in interviews, because of the skill sets they posses.


When you think about it, an interview is no different than any other sale, other than the fact that you are selling yourself.  


However, after recruiting sales people for 25 years now, I can tell you that many professional sales  people throw their sales knowledge out the window when interviewing. 


This is a terrific article that highlights the sales techniques that every professional sales person should already be proficient at, with a gentle reminder to employ those techniques during your next interview.