7 Ways to Know a Team Member is Ready to Stretch

Don’t coddle your team. Trust their ability to grow into new skills and responsibilities.

Protecting people from challenges propagates dependence and sends the subtle signal that you don’t believe they will rise up.

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We have all seen superstar sales pros that were promoted into management and crashed and burned. 


That very well could be because there are two distinct skill sets involved that are vastly different, that determine if someone will be a successful individual contributor, or if someone will enjoy success in a role of  coaching, motivating, and some would say the most important part of a managers role, holding a team accountable. 


With that said, there are many other times when promoting someone up into a higher level of responsibility makes a lot of sense, the key is to determine when to do it.


Waiting to long and your superstar may leave for someone that sees their potential and is offering them a bigger role….today.


Move to fast, and you  risk blowing their confidence, at least in the short term. Another factor to consider, largely depending on the level of responsibility without checks and balances, you risk inuring the damages that result from rookie mistakes.  


Here are 7 distinct ways that will help you determine when it makes sense to move a high performer up the ladder.