How You Can Avoid My Biggest Mistake as a Sales Manager

When I started managing, I was focused on things such as …

Gaining trust from my team
Understanding what motivated each one of my team members to work with me and at the company
Ensuring I knew sales forecasting fundamentals
Finding scaleable training initiatives
Managing my time effectively
Building a team-wide vision and enabling team unity
Defining (and refining) the right way to on-board new team members

While all of those endeavors were absolutely worthwhile, I realized that all of these things could and would constantly change.


People came and went. Processes came and went. Sales targets and forecasting methods came and went. The market and competitive landscape evolved. Even the products and services we were (and are) selling evolved. It was all about change.

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There is a fundamental skill that sets apart the good sales managers from the great.


Can you guess what it is?