How to be a Badass Without Becoming a Jerk-hole

You can’t succeed as a leader if your need to be liked exceeds your drive to achieve.

There are three options in the tension between results and relationships.

Results without relationships. (Jerk-hole.)
Results through relationships. 
Relationships without results. (Pushovers.)

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The most important skill for any successful manager is the skill of being able to hold people accountable to pre-set metrics.


Becoming comfortable in having tough discussions that focuses on achieving pre-determined goals is essential to being an effective leader. 


If you want to be a manager, make this your top priority. 


There is literally nothing that you can do for your team that will have more direct results in terms of achieving goals. 


You can be a cheerleader, a taskmaster, a shoulder to cry on, alternating between all 3 or none of the above, but if you are not willing or able to be comfortable in having frank conversations with your team about numbers, goals and diving into why someone has not hit their goals, than a management role is not for you, and your teams will consistently not achieve their goals. 


Conversely, for those leaders that have developed that critically importantly leadership  skill and are comfortable addressing shortfalls and HOLDING PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE, they can take any team , define key performance metrics, and  they will consistently see achievable results.