8 Management Skills That Will Impress Every Recruiter

If you’ve landed on this article, we’ll assume that you’re starting your hunt for a new job. If you feel like it’s time to move on out of your current role and move on up to something new, it may also mean it’s time to rethink the way you present your skills to a hiring manager.

Particularly if you’re looking to move up the ladder into a management position, it’s important to display your assets on your resumé and also during the interview process in an appealing and to-the-point way. To find out exactly how to do this, we spoke to Dr. Michal Carrington, Program Director of the Master of Professional Management at The University of Melbourne.

Dr. Carrington’s first takeaway is that it is no longer enough for managers to simply manage anymore. “Managers must be both high-performance managers and agile leaders,” she said. “The bar has been raised and the capabilities being sought by recruiters are expanding and diversifying.”

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