5 Ways to Deal With Difficult People at Work

You can’t pick your family or the people that you work with. Over 70 percent of Americans are stressed about their jobs and the stress from dealing with other employees. It’s quite normal to be stressed about certain aspects of your job,” said author Davis K. Brimberg, a Los Angeles psychologist shared. Job stress is inevitable, and the key to handling this anxiety is to manage it, not obsess over it. Learning time management skills, defining your job responsibilities and setting boundaries with co-workers or bosses can go a long way to creating a healthier work environment , he added. Even if circumstances at work are ideal, dealing with all different personalities will cause issues. It may seem impossible, at times mentally exhausting and there may be periods of your day when you wish that you could move to another country. But everyone at some point in their career must deal with dysfunctional people. There is an endless list of negative ways that you could handle the situation, the positive ways are the most constructive, however. Here are 5 ways to deal with difficult people at work.

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Insightful article on navigating the waters when you love your job, but have to deal with a toxic co-worker. This article provides some logical, common sense ways to deal with difficult people in the workplace.