5 Difficult and Uncomfortable Things You Should Never, Ever Put in Your Emails

Email is taking a lot of flak lately. And why not? We’re inundated with it. It’s cold and impersonal. People abuse it passive-aggressively for their own political agendas. And it can be –to be frank — addictive.

Yet, no matter how much we gripe about it, and whatever options may be out there like Slack, email is here to stay. For now, at least.

But we can all do email better. Much better. I’ve been witness to –and often the victim of –a range of email offenses in my working life. And yet, even today, I see people continue to commit the same email offenses that I thought would have become forgotten or even outlawed by now.

So in the interest of raising awareness around these offenses, and with the hope that we can see them committed far less frequently, here are five difficult and uncomfortable things that you should never, ever put into your emails at work. Especially if want to build –and keep — the relationships that matter to you most.

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Cardinal rule # 1…NEVER put anything in an e-mail, that can at any point in the future  be referred to as ‘Exhibit A”.  Read more to learn of 5 more important rules to keep in mind when utilizing e-mail to communicate.