13 Signs You’re Applying For The Wrong Jobs

What if all this while you’ve been applying for the wrong jobs, and that’s the reason your job search has not been working? Sure, after so many late-night resume revisions without any job offer to show for it, it can be tempting to wonder if getting a new job is even possible for you. But, the problem might be that you’re trying to fix the wrong thing. 

One classic mistake I see often from high-achievers in a variety of industries is that they’re applying for the wrong jobs, and they don’t even realize they’re doing it. Instead, they focus on fixing things like their resume, not knowing there’s another reason they’re not getting interviews or job offers. Or worse, if they are getting interviews and job offers, they have a higher risk of landing a new job with the same problems that motivated them to search for another job in the first place because they’re applying for the wrong positions.

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