10 Questions That Expose Toxic People


The older I get, the less patience I have for people that have what I consider to be a deadly combination….those that are incompetent, yet also have a lousy attitude.

The good news is that those types of people are fairly easy to disengage with.

But what about high performing, quota busting superstars, that are ultimately not a healthy addition to the dynamics of your team?

When someone meets & exceeds all goals that are given in a professional  setting, yet continually adds negativity into your team, how should you best proceed?

The problem is negativity, a ‘toxic’ attitude, and insubordination are all  extremely intangible things to define, let alone track.

Ask anyone that has managed a team for more than  a few years, and they will regal you with stories of that one unique person that seemingly effortlessly blew numbers out of the water, yet sabotaged the teams goals as a whole.

Knowing that chances are high that you will be encountering this individual at some point  in your career, makes planning for that eventuality all the more logical.

The first step is to accurately identify them. 

Toxic people:

  • Brag about using power and manipulation to get what they want out of others.
  • Blame you when they offend you. Somehow it’s your fault that they offended you.
  • Expect you to help them, but don’t have time to help you.
  • Need you to keep secrets. Secrets create toxic environments.
  • Interrupt when you’re talking.
  • Resent showing honor to ‘underlings’. Toxic bosses expect honor, but seldom give honor.
  • Expect special treatment.
  • Complain about others. Toxic people seldom have anything good to say about anyone except themselves.
  • Put you on your heels. Toxic people make you feel defensive.
  • Seldom apologize. Toxic people have lots of expectations for you.

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