Secrets to Acing the Sales Interview: Tips From a Recruiting Leader

Success in sales requires the right skills and a competitive, driven, and personable nature.

However, scoring a great sales role takes more than just being confident in your own skills and nature. You have to convince a management team of those things as well.

Just as sales is its own animal in the professional ecosystem, the sales interview is its own unique beast. Your skills will be fire-tested and aggressively interrogated, and the mock demo portion makes it more like an audition than an interview.

As a sales recruiter myself — and an owner of a recruiting company for over 11 years — I’ve seen first-hand what hiring managers are looking for in a sales candidate and what separates successful sales reps from the pack during the interview process.

Keep reading to learn the tips and best practices I’ve learned for acing the sales interview.

Start Acing Your Interview Before You Even Start

All interviews, for any profession, require preparation, but there are smart ways you can orient your prep specifically for sales interviews.

There are seven things you should do to get into a sales mindset before you ever pick up the phone or walk through the door.

1) Know whom you’ll be talking to — Sales is all about relationships. So make sure you know who you’ll be talking to. Double-check the name of your interviewer, the location, and the date and time of your interview. Getting any of these things wrong is a sure-fire way to cost yourself a job.

2) Research the company — No matter what role you’re interviewing for, it’s always a good idea to gather the standard info about the company background, the product overview, etc. But this is a sales interview. It’s critical that you demonstrate you know how to do customer research.

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