Maximize Lead Gen with LinkedIn Tags in Sales Navigator

If you are responsible for lead generation, business development or sales, it’s likely you are using or have considered using Sales Navigator.

Social selling is highly effective when used strategically and methodically.

But how do you stay organized with all the leads and prospects you are generating?

Tagging your contacts solves that problem.

Unfortunately, the tagging feature is no longer free. It’s now available only in Sales Navigator.

If you pay for Sales Navigator and don’t use LinkedIn tags, you’re missing out on a tool that can improve your efficiency by systematizing your social selling efforts.

LinkedIn tags allow for organization of your lead gen and sales process. They are especially important if you are not using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365,, Oracle or SAP.

What are LinkedIn tags?
LinkedIn tags, found within Sales Navigator, are a helpful way to streamline your workflow. They help you organize and categorize your saved leads, connections and other LinkedIn members you are interested in.

Tagging your leads allows you to quickly find the people or groups you are looking for.

The tags feature can be found at the bottom of the introduction card on the left for both individuals and companies in Sales Navigator (not available on

Any tags you create and add to a profile are visible only to you.

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