How Candidates Can Help Themselves When Working With Sales Recruiters

Many employers hire executive sales recruiters to help them fill their most senior and highest-paying positions. Developing relationships with recruiters can open many doors because of their relationships with major employers in the sales industry.
Even though job seekers think they are more in the driver’s seat than ever, finding a new job is extremely time consuming and very difficult to do, especially if currently employed.
Building any relationship takes time. Don’t wait until you’re ready to change jobs to get to know recruiters. Following are a few tips that can make your relationship with recruiters productive and beneficial:
Be helpful: If a recruiter contacts you about a position that’s not a good fit, pass on the names of anyone you know who could be a good candidate for the job. This is a great way to build relationships.
Be honest: Don’t exaggerate your credentials or accomplishments. Many recruiters check job hunters’ backgrounds thoroughly and a lie that’s discovered could hurt your reputation with a search professional, as well as his or her clients.
Be sure you are serious: Make sure you really are serious about changing jobs. Don’t go into a final interview knowing you are going to turn down a job offer. Turning down an interview opportunity or job offer could damage or even end your relationship with the recruiter.

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