Attract sales talent and win the war with skills development

Those responsible for hiring know how difficult it is to find and attract sales talent that businesses need to grow. This perpetual challenge in the era of persistent skills deficits has been coined ‘the war for talent’.


Manpower’s research validates that some job functions are harder to recruit for than others. On a global basis, they concluded that the sales function is the second hardest discipline to recruit for.


In this challenging hiring climate in the sales function, candidates frequently have their pick of companies. Which means that it’s more important than ever to be able to articulate how your employer brand is differentiated. This helps candidates choose and commit to your organisation rather than your competitors and peers.


Smaller and mid-sized companies are at a disadvantage. They might not have the budgets for large recruitment campaigns, salaries and the benefits that attract top talent.


On the flip side; larger, more established organisations are challenged with showing they are more than just a process-driven corporate. Millennials and Gen Z candidates want to know they can make a real difference and progress quickly in their career. But how do you attract and hire, top performing sales talent?


Attract the best candidates with employer branding

According to the Global recruiting trends report “72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring”. This is echoed in the LinkedIn Global job seeker trend report which highlights “75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job”.


Whichever size or type of organisation you sit in. Thinking about how best to develop your employer brand across the different functions or divisions will be beneficial. Be mindful that just because an organisation has a strong brand in one area. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have the same reputation across all functions of their business.


A company may breed a great culture or invest in career development in the technical, support or marketing function. However, this doesn’t mean the business puts the same in for the sales function. Sales departments have traditionally been an area where staff turnover and attrition rates are higher than other functions. Consequently this “revolving door” approach to talent management is hugely wasteful and inefficient and restricts the growth potential in an organisation.


Improve your employer brand with development opportunities

There are many ways that you can improve your employer brand. Investing in career development and creating ways to learn while you earn, can make companies more attractive places to work. Ambition and drive are traits shared by all top sales talent. In order to not only attract them, but keep them, they need to be able to see a clear path to advancement within their role.


By offering career progression, professional development, qualifications and recognition, you can differentiate yourself as an employer against those just offering high salaries.

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