4 Ways to Ace a Phone Interview With a Recruiter

Interviewing is part art, part science. The art part requires you to bring forth your personality, enthusiasm, and interest. The science part? Requires you to study the process and the players and then strategize.

This article? Well, consider it your cheat sheet for getting to the “real interview.”

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Job Seekers would be smart to invest some time in honing their interview skills. 


We see way too many candidates fail to move forward in the interview process, when they are fully qualified for the job.


It is important to remember that there are indeed 2 components to acing an interview….ensuring that the person interviewing you understands that you possess the technical skills and experience required for the role, and equally important, that your ‘soft skills’, ie personality, would work well within the corporate culture.


PRACTICE answering basic questions with someone, role playing so that you are truly comfortable responding to basic questions in a concise, clear manner.


The phone interview  is typically the very first step in the interview process. Check out this ‘cheat sheet’ for easy to implement practices that should help you refine your interviewing skills.