Why Leaders Get Stuck at Average

Some leaders think they’re good leaders when they’re stuck at averaged.

We don’t automatically improve as time passes.  The longer we do something the more likely we are to do it like we’ve always done it.

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Doing something a long time does not necessarily make you better than someone that is just starting.


The only way to improve a skill set is to intentionally target specific behaviors, and consciously strive to improve them.


I recently read that the average person rises to their highest level of competency within 18 months of working in a specific job, and then stagnates there.


It is only the top 10% of any given team that will continually push themselves to try out new methodologies, sign up for additional training,  and push themselves to continually improve. 


A good question to ask yourself, is what do you know now,  that you did not know at the 18 month mark in your current position? 


If you want to be in the top 10% of your peers, make a point to continually  push yourself to learn new skills, and then work to implement them.