How to Handle Job Search Rejection

Getting told that you have been turned down for a job is never a pleasant experience, even if you weren’t sure that you wanted the job. It can be especially difficult when it happens over and over again. What’s the best way to handle the rejection?

Coping with not getting the job offer can be broken down into three parts: getting over the rejection, analysis of your candidacy, and moving forward with your job search.

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Getting turned down for a position is an inevitable part of the job search process.


A simple google search reveals countless stories of celebrities and athletes that endured countless rejections before they gained success. 


Occasionally we see a candidate that has the opportunity to interview for their dream job, with their top ranked company, only to react so poorly when rejected that they ruin their chances of ever having the opportunity to interview with them again. 


Conversely, we occasionally  see candidates react to the news of rejection with such grace, and professionalism, that they have ultimately ended up with the job offer.


Following are some valuable coping skills that you can employ to increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams.