Diversity with a Focus on Inclusion: Why this Needs to be a Priority for Organizations


Over the last few years, diversity and inclusion in the workplace have been a hot topic of discussion.

It  is heartening  to  see  that  the  discussion  has  evolved  from being buzzwords that are used to attract employees to essential requirements for corporate growth and prosperity.

Many  believe  this  is  happening  because  more  and more  companies  are  seeing  the  vast  benefits  of broadening  their  employee  base  to  be as  inclusive  as  possible.

It is easy to see  when  there’s a lack of diversity in the workplace, how  it results in a homogenized pool of employees who are very similar to each other. This limitation of diversity prevents   high potential talent from applying  to  work  with a company,  because they feel excluded around ‘the inner circle.’  Obviously  the  same goes  for  retaining  top talent that  may  not  feel  like  they  belong.

In this  blog  we  will  outline the top reasons why diversity  with a  focus  on  inclusion  not only makes good business and economic sense, but is also a key factor in the success of a company:

Diverse Companies Perform Better

A company that’s focused on growth, opportunity, and innovation will always understand the value of diversity.

Numerous  studies have shown that companies that encourage racial, gender, and ethnic diversity are more successful in terms of both productivity and financial prospects. Diversity  within  a  workforce consistently results in  a significant positive  impact on the short-term bottom line and the long-term growth of companies.

Diversity Encourages Innovation

When a company has employees that come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, it can tap into varied  schools of thought.

Diversity is a vital part of innovation and creativity. It encourages people to open up to different perspectives and come up with cutting-edge solutions and products.

Unless a  company  is  only  targeting  one  very  narrow  customer  profile, it  makes  sense to  employee   the  broadest spectrum  of  people  possible,  for  they  will  bring  their varied   backgrounds  and  experiences  with  them, broadening  the  products  and  services  that  a  company  can  offer  their  customers.

An Inclusive Workforce Attracts Top Talent

Take a look around your workplace. What do you see? Is the workforce diverse? Has your company been able to tap into the talent of people from diverse backgrounds?

If not, you might want to look into that. Many companies fail to grow because they fail to scout talent from all backgrounds. An inclusive recruitment policy enables companies to find the best talent no matter where that person comes from.  By  actively  searching  for  candidates  outside the  normal  channels, a  company  positions  itself  to  broaden  their  employee  base  in  the  very  best  way  possible.

Diversity Enhances Business Identity

A company’s brand or identity is how investors, stockholders, clients, and customers perceive its organizational culture. A business with great employer branding focuses on diversity on all fronts, and is hence seen as a  terrific place to work. These companies also attract investors from all walks of life.

Recruit leaders of tomorrow that can help you take your company to new heights of growth and success.

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