A 10-Year Study Reveals What Great Executives Know and Do

Despite the huge impact executives can have on their organizations, failure rates remain high.


Prescriptions for what to do continue to fall short.


So we wondered: If we closely studied the executives who succeed in top jobs once appointed, could we identify distinguishing features that set them apart and defined their success?


The answer, is yes!

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Intriguing research from Harvard, reporting data from an intensive 10 year study, brings us some valuable information.


Turns out that there are 4 very consistent  patterns that distinguished exceptional executives from all others.


What separated the “best of the best” from everyone else is a consistent display of mastery across four highly correlated dimensions, while “good” executives may have only excelled in two or three.


Leaders who have invested in learning how to excel in all 4 areas consistently outperformed all others, by a large margin. 


Curious what these 4 very unique skill sets are?