7 Strategies for Effective Influencer Marketing

One of the keys to effective influencer marketing (aka getting real results) is by doing it authentically.

But just what does that mean?

Being authentic in your influencer marketing efforts means investing the time to learn as much as you can about each influencer you want to reach out to and then communicate with them in a personalized manner that works to establish and then build a real relationship with that person.

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When targeting a new company as a potential client, conventional wisdom dictates that you start your efforts as far up the food chain as possible. Considering that each step up the corporate ladder virtually ensures that that person is receiving more communications than the person below them,  resulting in being bombarded with vm’s, and emails on a daily if not hourly basis, means that you have to be extremely smart in creating a message that will resonate with those key influencers and grab their attention. In this article Melonie Dodaro  does a terrific job in highlighting the 7 best strategies in deciphering what will be most effective in grabbing your targeted prospects attention, and how best to deliver that message.