10 Things Great Leaders Say Every Week

Great leaders set great goals, and they ensure that those who follow them know what those goals are. That’s why it’s important to focus on how everyone’s daily work connects to the big picture.

I’m borrowing from one of the greats here: Sam Walton, who built the most successful retail operation in the world. For decades, Walton gathered his Wal-Mart leaders every Saturday morning for a meeting that was equal parts pep rally, strategy session, and feet-to-the-fire accountability check.

You don’t have to wreck everyone’s weekend like that, but once a week, bring your team together.


Here’s a 10-item checklist that will show you exactly what you need to say.

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Solid advice from a proven leader, weather you are managing a sales team or a manufacturing plant, every manager can easily implement these 10 steps on a weekly basis, to improve results.