10 Simple Ways To Have More Productive Meetings

10 quick tips to ensure your meetings aren’t time-wasters.

Source - Read More at: www.forbes.com

I think we can all agree that time is the most valuable commodity, since we cannot buy more.


Asking your employees to spend valuable time in meetings takes them away from the activities that they ultimately get paid for, so it is imperative to ensure that everyone involved in these meetings believes that the time invested in a meeting will ultimately help them achieve those goals.


We have recently  started to ask everyone on the team  to really give some conscious thought to this question : If they could have one thing that would help them achieve their career goals, what would that one thing be? What would make their job easier? We then  create meetings around providing that ‘one thing’.


This has predictably improved the engagement and enthusiasm level for weekly meetings, as you can imagine. 


Asking your team to consciously give some thought to this all-important  question will provide multiple benefits. In addition to giving your team  the message that you value their time, it also encourages them to really think in tangible terms about achieving their goals, and creating a linear thought pattern on how to hit those objectives.  


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