Where Organizations Go Wrong With Diversity and Inclusion

In my work helping other organizations improve the diversity of their teams, I’ve come across many companies that are doing it all wrong. They have the best intentions but don’t fully understand what is needed to create a truly inclusive culture. Based on my experiences, I’ve learned some tactics that can help you avoid these diversity and inclusion mistakes.

Limiting Diversity to the HR Department
Diversity and inclusion are not concepts that reside solely in the HR department. Typically, I’ve seen organizations that give diversity lip service through job descriptions that mention a diverse workforce or general content around wanting to be inclusive in building their teams.

While these are important factors to include in recruitment, hiring and people management processes, creating a diverse and inclusive organization must originate in the culture that is defined and managed by the executive team. It’s a feeling that has to permeate the entire company. As a leader, focus on the value that individuals with unique perspectives, skills and knowledge can deliver as a competitive advantage.

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