What to do if you keep hearing ‘no’ after your job interview

When you’re on the job hunt and you get hit with “We’ll give you a call,” but the call never comes, it can become quite frustrating, writes Glassdoor’s Sylvia Giltner.

“Not getting any answer is sometimes more discouraging than getting a rejection. But in the job-seeking world, you will often find yourself receiving more negative answers, rather than positive ones.”

The real reason behind it may be related more to the technology that supports the recruiting system, rather than to your overall job skills, the recruitment specialist said.

“The recruiting process has suffered many changes throughout the years, in the hopes of successfully implementing new tools that can help the HR department and streamline the entire process.

“And while some of these technologies have turned out to be quite helpful, such as job platforms that connect employers and job seekers, others are a constant pain for both recruiters and applicants.”

Online job application questionnaires are often stiff and redundant and do not help any of the parties involved, Glassdoor noted.

For example, there is no real need to elaborate on your tasks and duties at your previous job, if you have already mentioned you have worked as a school teacher.

“Any recruiter should be able to tell what your tasks were if you taught English for high school students, but despite that, most applicant tracking systems (ATS) require an answer that is already obvious.

“Instead, they should be focusing more on your accomplishments and skills, in order to successfully determine the real difference between qualified and underqualified applicants,” said Giltner.

“The recruiting process has been dehumanised and automated in a way that has become inefficient. We focus more on intimidating and discouraging candidates by using inefficient technologies and making them go through pages of questions that are not always relevant in the hiring process,” said Angela Ross, HR Manager at Flash Essay.

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