What Is Job Ghosting – How to Handle Getting Ghosted By Recruiter

Getting ghosted after a great date stings. Getting ghosted after interviewing for your dream job sucks even more. Per a recent survey by recruiting software company iCIMS, 76 percent of people say that not hearing back from a potential employer is more frustrating than being blown off by last week’s Tinder match.

“If a romantic prospect doesn’t text back, it’s easier to blame it on immaturity,” says psychologist and workplace expert Amy Cooper Hakim, PhD. “But you expect a level of professionalism—which includes proper communication, even if it’s a no, in a career setting.” And when a recruiter disappears, it can feel like you’ve failed yourself and your future.


But sadly, this happens all the damn time. More than one-third of job seekers say they were rejected from a gig by never actually getting any response at all, according to a recent study by career data firm Clutch.


One reason? The bulk of the hiring process is now done online, with automated programs scanning through stacks of résumés and e-mails.“Ghosting is more likely to happen when employers don’t think about candidates as humans with feelings, emotions, and goals,” says Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of Workology.com. 


So even if you schmoozed it up with a would-be boss in person or dazzled a manager on a call, it still may be easier for them to remember you as a résumé online.

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