What Do I Need to Know Before a Phone Interview With a Recruiter?

What suggestions do you have for job seekers who are preparing for a phone interview with a recruiter? 

Preparing for a phone interview is essentially the same as preparing for a live meeting, with a few key differences.

By its very nature, occasionally phone interviews can catch you off guard. If that happens and you’re not prepared to do your best, it is totally appropriate to ask to schedule a time that you can talk, and just explain that it is not a good time to speak freely. This will give you time to adequately prepare for the call.

Avoid using a cell phone if possible, because of spotty coverage. Arrange to be in a quiet place where you can devote your full attention to the call.

Have a pen and paper ready to take notes, as well as the job description so that you can easily share how your experience matches what they are looking for.

Research the company and the person you are going to be speaking with by reviewing their LinkedIn profile.

Create a short list of questions regarding the role, their ideal candidate and opportunities for high-achievers.

Use the technique of repeating or re-phrasing questions. It tells the caller that you listened carefully, and gives you time to think about your answer.

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