What Do I Need to Know About (Not) Getting Responses From Recruiters?

If you are working with a recruiter and you have not heard from them in a while how often do you email them to encourage a response before you are perceived to be a pest? Also what is the best way to solicit a response?

As you can imagine, this is one of my favorite topics. For starters, keep in mind that there is a big difference between an employment agency, and executive recruiters or executive search firms. Be clear on who you are working with.

Employment agencies work for you, the candidate, which requires that you, the job seeker,  pay them a fee for finding you a job.

Executive Recruiters are paid by the client for filling the role.

Executive recruiters find people for jobs, as opposed to jobs for people. 

The hiring manager pays our fee. We are motivated to fill the position with the best match possible. So theoretically, since we all work off databases, when we get a search that you are a good match for, and we crank up the ol’ search engine, it will bring your particular resume to our attention.

The biggest variable is the number of potential matches that we receive. If you are one of five, you can be assured that your resume will be reviewed. If you are one of 1,000 then the odds are not so great.

As we tell job seekers, one of the smartest things you can do to explore other career opportunities, is to make a list of your targeted roles and companies, and then do your best to stay on their decision makers peripheral. Follow your potential hiring managers on social media if they have public accounts, commenting and ‘liking’ their posts.  It also makes good sense to invest time reaching out to executive recruiters that specialize in your industry or position.

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