What are the careers in Blockchain?

In this blockchain era, enterprises from various sectors and industries are grasping the concept of the decentralized ledger, The global wave of blockchain adoption among businesses and companies has grown on everyone to address the fundamental business challenges.

Do you have what it takes to earn money in this booming blockchain economy? Blockchain is consistently one of the highest paying developer fields. With a wide ecosystem, a range of factors determines the compensation beginner level blockchain developers get. Blockchain is quite a lucrative field from a developer’s perspective. You probably might have heard about this technology a lot but,


Why should I learn blockchain? And how do I become industry ready?
The growing demand for blockchain developers in India has been gaining traction since the past few years. Being one of the fastest-growing skill sets in the jobs market, blockchain as a domain has been growing at a mind-blowing rate of 2000% to 6000%. Blockchain developers salaries are being higher-up than conventional developer jobs at about 50% to 100%. The demand for blockchain developers in India is not being created only by the BFSI sector but also by its use cases in multiple different sectors such as healthcare, education, supply-chain management, government agencies, stock trading, cloud-computing and real estate. The decentralized nature of projects with distributed teams can translate into lakhs of high paying jobs from companies all over the world. Gartner predicts that the business value of blockchain technology will reach 3 trillion dollars by 2030.


What is the job market for Blockchain?
India has emerged as one of the top filers for blockchain patents last year as per the data from the World Intellectual Property Organisation. The country is seeing a rise in digital transactions and therefore industries are ramping up investments in blockchain.
With the shortage of talent and skills in the domain of blockchain, companies are always willing to pay higher compensation to blockchain professionals. As more companies and organisations are joining the blockchain field, annual blockchain developer salary in India has a range from 5 lacs to 30 lacs per annum. With higher experience and more profound skill sets, you can also get higher compensation as a salary package. The package also depends on the job position like an entry-level, mid-level or senior-level blockchain developer.

Blockchain jobs have dynamic salary packages, a professional can also earn around INR 45 lacs if they have an experience of three years in the field. This is higher than double of what a professional with 5 years of work experience would get without experience in blockchain technology.

Since the term blockchain is often used in parallel to the world cryptocurrency, a huge amount of jobs are available in the field of this technology. A lot of them are related to the technical aspect of it, but what about the non-technical aspect of the market? Yes, there are a huge amount of jobs in the non-technical aspect of blockchain. Below are some jobs listed in the top job portals:

But before that, let’s segregate them into technical and non-technical jobs and start from the lower end of payscale.


Technical Jobs in Blockchain

1. Blockchain Internship: Blockchain interns are responsible for the design and development of blockchain and distributed ledgers, depending on the open-source or proprietary platform. Entry-level positions also include developing proof of concepts and pilot blockchains as many companies are in test phases for DLT solutions.

Skills required for blockchain internship: NodeJs, Go, Restful APIs, React, Java, C++, Solidity, Truffle, CSS and HTML


2. Blockchain Developer: Being a developer is the greatest opportunity in this nascent field of blockchain. Financial services, governments, technology companies, healthcare institutions and many more companies are looking to find ways to serve their clients in a better way. They are always eager to hire a blockchain developer.

Skills required for blockchain developer: Microsoft SQL Server, Golang, .NET, MVC, C++, C, C#, Neural-Networks, Regression, Agile Scrum, MYSQL, SOAP, REST APIs, FTP, HTML, XML, XSLT, XCOD, JQuery, Javascript, Solidity, Truffle, NodeJs.


3. Blockchain Architect: A blockchain software architect is responsible for creating or selecting the most appropriate architecture for a system (or systems), such that it suits the business needs, satisfies stakeholder requirements, and achieves the desired results under given constraints.

Skills required for blockchain architect: All the skills of a blockchain developer + you need to make sane decisions on the costs and risks related to the non-functional requirement son the system. (Don’t worry, you will develop these skills by experience)


4. Blockchain Engineer: A blockchain engineer has a good understanding of blockchain-related technologies and can conceptualize a blockchain system.

They build applications using the blockchain technology and focus on developing the blockchain technology and the things that interact with it, like developing a new blockchain protocol and it’s currency.

Skills required for a blockchain engineer: All the skills of a blockchain developer + Cryptography + Concepts like incentivisation, supply and demand, adopting a new mindset focusing on efficiency, scalability and distributed computing, data structures and architecture.


Some ways to earn using your technical blockchain skills are by freelancing, working a 9 to 5, solving Gitcoin Bounties and having your blockchain-based startup.


Non-Technical Jobs

  1. Research Analytics: Research analyst is of high value and high ROI to a form. They compile and present their findings to relevant stakeholders. Their information regarding partnerships, deal flows, competitors and a whole bunch of other things are of very high value to a firm. With the nascent blockchain industry trying to find its foot, there is a lack of existing knowledge base and this is when research analysts are of high value.
  2. Smart Contract Auditing: This job lies more in the technical field but, is a lot different than writing smart contracts. With innumerous immutable smart contracts out there on the blockchain, they possess a lot of potential vulnerabilities and security threats. This leads to billions of dollars at risk and the sensitive data on the blockchain when we look into enterprise blockchains. With smart contracts growing, there is more need and opportunity for someone to combine cybersecurity skills and blockchain skills to capitalize on this domain.
  3. Investment Analytics: Investment analysts are responsible for financial portfolio analysis, quantitative and qualitative project research. Since DeFi is booming, with that, a lot of investment analytics opportunities come up as billions of dollars are locked in there and they need to provide a return to the HODLERs.The best way to explore this is by using analytics skills.
  4. Development Representative: The main reason why startups have a partner section on the landing page is that partnerships with larger companies prove extremely powerful for small startups. Startups and companies both need people who can make good B2B connections, get on calls, close deals, hold meetings and grow their business. So, startups and companies need business developers.

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