Two Powerful Life Lessons for Sales Managers and Salespeople from Jordan Spieth’s Caddie – Mike Weinberg | The New Sales Coach

Sales Managers – when your people are whining about life not being fair, nasty competitors, moronic procurement policies, the lack of leads, their lame territory, how do you respond? And when they are done venting, do you set them straight or allow them to wallow in pity playing the victim? It’s fine to show sympathy (most of the time), but the reality is that there is a game to be played – The Sales Game. And it requires focus and it also requires sellers to take full responsibility for results. Winners in sales don’t see themselves as victims and they definitely don’t walk around perpetually whining about the unfair hand they’ve been dealt.

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Be brave enough with your team to speak the truth!  


In order to help them grow, have the courage to point out their weaknesses and help them to improve by highlighting  their strengths, and show them the road map to get to where they want to go.