The Top 4 Résumé Myths—Busted

When clients first contact me for résumé help, they often say things like “I heard that you should never…” or “I was told to always…” Most of these rules are just plain wrong, because they contradict the one Golden Rule of Résumé Writing: your “why you should hire me” message needs to jump off the page in the 15 seconds or less that your résumé is being reviewed (one study says your résumé is looked at for only 7.4 seconds).


Keeping the Golden Rule in mind, let’s look at the top four résumé myths that I’ve come across in my work with clients.


Myth #1: I need to list all my jobs and experiences, exactly the way I described them at the time
Your résumé should not be a literal list of all the things you did in your career. Instead, make it a document that quickly tells an employer how you can help them by using selective emphasis and inclusion. That is, keep the Golden Rule in mind. For example:

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