The Evolution of the HR Professional | LinkedIn

Over the last few decades, a lot has changed in the world of business.

From social media paving the way for digital marketing, to predictive technology opening the doors to greater possibilities, we’ve witnessed the creation of completely new jobs and structural changes in the ones that already exist.

Consider the case of modern-day human resource management—a job that has evolved considerably over the course of time to include  3 primary new responsibilities that enhance “company profitability”.

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The role of Human Resources has grown dramatically over the years, evolving into a key management role in growing organizations.


Healthy companies have a strong HR presence, and ideally build their infrastructure centered around the Human Resources department, which keeps everything running smoothly, from on-boarding new hires, terminations, staying in compliance with EEOC regulations, etc.


Making sure that you have exemplary Human Resources professionals in key roles is a critical component in having a strong, vibrant company.