Study: A Slow Hiring Process Turns Off Gen Z Recruits

If it takes too long to apply for a job at your organization and even longer to get a response, you might miss out on younger talent that’s raring to work, a new study finds.


Trying to win over the latest graduating class? Make sure you’re keeping your recruitment technology up with the times.

That’s a key recommendation from the talent acquisition software firm Yello, whose latest study finds that recruiting methods of old—long application processes, long waits, and lots of paper—could be turning away potential applicants.

The 2019 Yello Recruiting Study [registration] noted that 54 percent of generation Z candidates wouldn’t bother submitting a job application if the process was overly complicated or overtly old-school, while 51 percent of millennials who are currently students felt the same way. (Millennials already in the job market, as well as generation X workers, were less likely to thumb their noses—but more than a third of respondents in both demographics said an outdated recruiting process was a turnoff.)

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