Should I Call or Should I Email the Recruiter?

Ann, I don’t know if I should call the recruiter or email my resume and cover letter. The call could go to voice mail or arrive at a bad time, and the email could get lost in a busy inbox. I feel like both have been happening to me. What do you suggest?

I am a huge believer of dual forms of communication. Ask any group of people, and half will say that they prefer emails, and half prefer calls. When I have something of value that I want to share with someone, I always make a practice of calling and emailing, and you can really amplify the chances of a return call or email by referencing that you attempted both when you leave a message. For example: Hi John, I just emailed you and wanted to follow up via calling as well, not sure which you prefer. By REFERENCING in both forms of communications that you have attempted two ways, the ROI soars.

And from a receiver standpoint, when I hear that someone tried to both call and email me, the chances of having me respond increases substantially. Not only do I get that they are serious, but I like that I can pick how to communicate. Personally it is easier for me to email than call, so I appreciation the option.

It is important when doing the dual method to make sure to emphasize that you are trying both ways because you do not know how they prefer to communicate and you wanted to do your best to get on their radar screen.

That way it comes across as solicitous of their needs.

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