What Makes Us Different

 Why Our Clients Love Us:

When a company has massive hiring needs, they typically will utilize multiple recruiting agencies. This results in large candidate tracking responsibilities on the side of the client company, as well as the repetition involved in reviewing job profiles and hiring protocols multiple times, with each different agency.

With ISC, we establish ONE point of contact, and we assign MULTIPLE career search teams to your project. Our business model is one of a TEAM EFFORT.

We BLITZ the market to offer you tremendous volume in a short amount of time. With ISC, your candidate tracking is substantially easier, requiring less time from you. Moreover, our proven executive career search methods are extremely efficient and we only present the best candidates for each position. Our average ratio is three presentations for one hire. You only interview Qualified Candidates. Your job is to simply decide which candidate is the best fit for your company.

By choosing ISC, you can feel assured knowing that you have chosen executive search experts in the field of high-volume nationwide, and international recruiting for upper echelon sales and marketing professionals. Our strengths include:

  • Proven track record of more than 14 years in the business
  • One point of contact
  • Ability to do MASSIVE VOLUME for any job
  • Drastically reduced time commitment on part of Client HR Dept. because no tracking is required
  • Success in filling difficult-to-fill positions in a timely manner
  • Established relationships in multiple industries to recruit top candidates
  • High level of customer service and minimum time required of clients
  • Three to one presentation to hire ratios (for every 3 qualified candidates that are presented, 1 is typically hired)
  • Ongoing information provided on hiring and retention strategies

We are experts in the field of high-volume national and international recruiting for upper echelon professionals.