Recruitment is not Tinder. And this is why.

Technology and lack of skill are driving plenty of recruiters to treat recruitment like a dating app.


Swipe left. Swipe right.


Transactional, keyword matching, resume spamming recruiting drones take heed. (Please).


This is what will differentiate the winners from the losers in recruitment.


In the end, a recruiter is as good as the number of candidates that she or he can close.


That is it. You don’t get paid for sending resumes. Screening candidates. Writing ads.


We get paid when the candidate accepts the job.

So what recruiters are going to need now, is the ability to architect the deal.


I use the word ‘architect’ because it suggests designing, building, creating, managing. And these are the complex and subtle skills you will need to thrive going forward.


In recent years recruiters did no placement process architecture. What 90% of recruiters did, and still do, is pure ‘introduction’.


That’s all they do. (after a bit of screening and matching, maybe) It is like a totally dysfunctional recruiting Tinder free for all. Anyone can apply for anything on a click, and recruiters are swiping left and right at will, with barely a moments thought and zero ‘finesse’.


I am not exaggerating. Six seconds on average to assess a resume. Thousands of job board applications.  Resumes spammed around town.


That won’t do any more.

Those recruiters who understand that the human touch is still our primary tool in making a hire work, are those who will be most successful.

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