Recruiting Generation Z: 5 Key Factors to Consider

New year, new hiring push — and your efforts probably include Generation Z. This generation of digital natives is the newest to enter the workforce, bringing 61 million potential new hires who are expected to comprise 36% of the workforce by 2020. But how do you bring them into your company?


First and foremost, don’t get mired in the same myths over this generation as you might have with millennials. Now the largest demographic in the workplace, millennials are not the self-involved, short-lived cohort some asserted, and neither are Gen Z. 


While this generation does bring a whole new sensibility and digital savvy, you don’t have to change your work culture or employer brand just for them. Instead, focus on these five factors to attract and engage this growing demographic:

1. Brand and culture

Make sure your employer brand aligns with your workplace culture. While the workforce itself may be new to Gen Z applicants, they may already be aware of your employer brand, and that may shape a preconceived notion of your culture and company values. That perception could determine the kind of applicants you get: Gallup finds companies with a powerful and positive work culture attract the top 20% of candidates. 


However, don’t try to craft a specific perception of your company; make sure your brand authentically aligns with your internal culture. Gen Z candidates want the story they hear during the recruiting process to match the day-to-day reality when they come on board. If it doesn’t, they will be a lot less likely to stick around.

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