Private Equity Analyst: Salary, Job, Hours, and Recruiting

A long time ago, Private Equity Analyst positions did not exist.


Banks hired the top students out of undergrad for Investment Banking Analyst roles, which was a nice arrangement for private equity firms: let banks recruit the “best and the brightest,” and then swoop in to hire away trained bankers.

But then someone in private equity asked the key question:

“Wait, why not just hire our own Analysts? Why conduct an accelerated recruiting process to fight over the same people at the top banks, when we could hire them directly out of undergrad and groom them ourselves?”

And like that, Private Equity Analyst positions were born.

Here’s what they’re like, why you might pick one over an IB Analyst role, and what to expect in an average day on the job:

What Do Private Equity Firms Do?

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