How To Turn Down A Job Offer Without Burning Bridges

Sometimes you have to make the difficult decision to turn down a job offer. It’s never easy to make that decision, and sometimes telling a hiring manager or recruiter is even tougher. The most important thing is that you don’t burn any bridges.


When you decline a job offer, be prompt. Once you’ve made your decision, let the hiring manager know. There’s no reason to drag things out, and the longer you take to respond, the harder the hiring manager’s job will be. They have to restart their search, so don’t leave them hanging because you’re nervous to officially decline.


The most common method of declining a job offer is to send an email. Keep it professional and be sure to end it with ‘thanks’, ‘best’, or ‘regards’, rather than something colder like ‘sincerely’. Get right to the point and let them know you’re turning down their offer, but also express your gratitude for the opportunity.


To turn down a job offer without burning bridges, keep these four things in mind:

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